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Weekly Ketchup


Stop! Hammer time! This is just one of the things I visited last week. I also like to think that Giant McGnomeo is part way through the Spice Girl’s song “Stop” dance. If you know what I am talking about, we can be friends.

Ok so, it’s been a while. Guys, I had amazing time while my friends from Ontario were visiting! The seven of us even managed to co-exist in one tiny house for a week+ without wanting to kill each other: success! I jest though. I had a blast and I already miss them big time. I tried to convince them that they could all permanently move into my house and I’d bake them muffins and bread and all sorts of goodies. For some reason they didn’t go for that. Something about having a life back home? I don’t know. As crazy as they are, I still love them. Now that I can focus on foodstuffs again, I’d thought I’d get you all caught up on what’s been happening.

1. During their visit we saw the giant gnome above. To give you some perspective, we didn’t even come up to his bottom hand! We also brought along my stuffed gnome that one of my friends gave me (below, in his natural habitat). I still don’t have a name for him yet though, thoughts?


2. We also visited this cool castle! I love old stuff. Mr. Ketchup doesn’t…..he thinks it’s just old. This disappoints me greatly.


3. While I was out exploring nature and stuff, I gained a whole bunch of new email and Facebook followers because I sponsored a giveaway over at Living in Yellow! Just wanted to thank you all SO MUCH for following me! I hope you stick around! You all totally made my awesome week even more awesome. Also a big thanks to Erin for hosting the giveaway! She’s such a sweetie.

4. The weather around here has been GORGEOUS! So much sun and just enough rain! The plans have all been celebrating this awesomeness and have been absolutely stunning.

431792_10101096051715951_378494774_n 601913_10151368513601994_814615094_n


5. My web host is up for renewal but I think I will be switching hosts instead. Any recommendations? This will end up resulting in a bit of downtime but I’m hoping that it will be extremely short. I’m already nervous about this.

6. I gained some weight while my friends were here despite the fact that we did A LOT of walking. This actually really upset me. Time to go back to using My Fitness Pal again. Ugh.

7. What makes this whole eating healthy thing tough is that it’s time to step up to my duties as cupcake explorer and test another round of cupcakes. I’m not really complaining though because I love cupcakes. And chocolate. Pretty much why I gained 4 lbs last week. :S

8. My trainer isn’t going to be happy with me either. She recently started me on a new routine and my abs were sore 4 days later (the rest of my limbs were only sore for a day or two). Sneezing and laughing were so painful! I did the routine once while my friends were here and I’m dreading my next gym visit tonight! Wish me luck!

9. I think I need to stop following some blogs because I’m no longer able to keep up and I end up skimming most instead of actually taking the time to read a lot of them. Trying to pick a few to unfollow is so tough though and I feel guilty…..but then I feel guilty about not reading them thoroughly. It’s a catch 22!

10. Random fact about me: I once went bungee jumping! It was amazing and scary. And amazingly scary.



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